Lineman 1 Split/Recovery Reel

The Lineman 1 Split/Recovery Reel has many unique features which make it very user friendly. There are 16 banding ports on each side of the reel so the wire can be banded as many times as desired. The locking bar and puller is used to break the locking nut loose while the reel is still in the machine. The reel can then be removed and set on end or held in a horizontal position, so the tapered locking nut is easily removed. With the end of the reel removed, the reel can be tipped up so the conductor slides off of the reel. Replace the reel end and locking nut and place the reel back in the puller. This may be the most user-friendly split/recovery reel in the industry.

• Tapered thread lock nut cannot be over tightened.
• Puller power used to loosen lock nut.
• 16 banding locations for secure banding as needed.
• Tapered core allows wire to slide off easily.
• Large capacity reel.
• Structural tube core for added strength.
• Requires minimum manual labor to offload wire.

• Diameter – 65"
• Overall width – 62"
• Inside width – 47"
• Core Diameter/Tapered – 24" to 17"

Lineman 1 Split / Recovery Reel Information Sheet
Adobe Acrobat document [247.7 KB]
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