Lineman 1 Adjustable Reel Stand

The Lineman 1 AHRS-96/108 Adjustable Hydrostatic Reel Stand is a totally new concept in transmission class reel stands with many unique features that make it very user friendly. Easy to transport and maneuver on the job site, this fully adjustable reel stand will hold even the largest conductor reels – up to 9' in diameter and 8' wide. The telescoping frame and drive coupler makes loading and unloading reels a simple task. Complete with hydrostatic tensioning, the reel can be rotated in either direction to feed conductor into the tensioner or pull back loose wire. The fully adjustable reel stand holds any size reel in place so the reel cannot shift and slide off of the drive bar pins.


Weight: 2,680 lbs.

Length: 7' 10"

Width: 8' 0"

Height: 6' 10"

Reel Shaft Diameter: 3"

Max. Reel Size: 9' dia. / 8' wide
Max. Reel Weight: 20,000 lbs.
Reel Speed: 0 to 4 MPH



Length: 16' 0"

Width: 8' 0"

Height: 7' 6"



Engine: 6 HP

Pump: 5 GPM

Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 3,000 PSI


  • Hydraulic adjustable width to accommodate reels up to 8'
  • Hydrostatic fully adjustable tensioning/brake
  • Powered pull back to retrieve wire if necessary (not a puller)
  • Optional transport wheels and tongue (removable)
  • Comes with sling and lifting eyes to make crane pick up easier
AHRS-96/108 Adjustable Reel Stand Information Sheet
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